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We offer chickpeas calibrated 6 +, 7 +, 8 + and not calibrated.

We grow chickpea varieties such as Jordan, Triumph and Budzhak. We grow chickpeas in our farm, in Ukraine. Organic GMO-free product

Chickpea has a purity of 99.9%, is cleaned of extraneous grain impurities and litter. There is no foreign smell. All quality indicators strictly comply with GOST 6019-2008 on chickpeas.

Any packaging is possible, at the request of the customer (bag 25-50 kg, big bag)

We provide a full package of documents

Export possible

Call us now and we will provide you with additional photos, product videos, send a quality certificate, or send you a sample

Contact with us

Our Contacts

Address +380953212857 agrorost.ukraine@gmail.com